Echo (paperbagdoves) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

on my way hitchhiking to mexico, BABIES were torn

second set of dreads..let's see, it had been about 3 &1/2 weeks since my last shower. my hair was wet with ocean water when my friend randomly started twisting and ripping my hair. true story.

"before" picture, probably 1 &1/2 months earlier.

JUST KIDDING. that was a wig I found on the ground in hollywood. Well it was a box of wigs. anyway...

instant pic, right after first day

a couple days later maybe?

Later on that week...

I still haven't washed them (it's been about 3 weeks with them now), though I did soak in hot springs for a few days a week ago.
They are coming a little undone at the ends. My hair is pretty much all different lengths. So some of my little ones in the back are only a couple inches long, and they are about half way undone.
Should I keep twisitng and ripping? I did that to a couple and it kind of looks funny...haha, I guess it's all knots anyway right?
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