lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

MOD POST - image thievery

it is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to steal pics from this community for use on your tumblr or other site. if you want to repost someone else's pics, you need their permission & you need to give credit in your link. if i catch you doing otherwise, you will be immediately banned from GUDU without trial.

if you want to avoid your pics being stolen, you should watermark your images & make members-only posts... but be aware there's no guarantee they won't still be stolen. i'm not going to put GUDU on lockdown to combat a problem that's existed since the dawn of the internet, but do email me with proof of thievery when you see it, & we'll boot these pissant losers out of our comm.

i'm adding a rule to the userinfo in warning of this.
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