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Possibly my last night of dreads :(

I just got a job at Yosemite...don't ask me how, nothing but a series of miracles I think. I will be living there for 5 months, starting tomorrow eeek. I have not met my employer in person, only had a phone interview. I'll be working as the camp host of Curry Village. My concern is in the packet it explains grooming procedures which seem pretty strict. They don't say no dreadlocks in particular but it does say only well groomed and conservative hairstyles. I plan on styling my dreads conservatively so hopefully that'll be enough. And employee packet things tend to be way more strict than it actually is in real life so I hope I get to keep my babies...they've come so far and even though I've been frustrated with them a lot lately and thinking about my old hair, now faced with the end I reallllllllllllllly don't want to have to lose my dreads. Anyways, keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll be bringing my flea comb and conditioner I just bought just in case (not ready for chopping my hair short) Anyways, here are some of the possibly last pictures of me with dreads...

I cut my bangs!
soooo tired after packing 5 months worht of shit after a days notice
Bay to Breakers haggardness
friend's grad party

alright, I'll keep you guys updated on the news on my hair. Oh! And if anyone has experience working for a national park and their hair, or have heard something of someone working for DNC at Yosemite, lemme know.
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