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Hey there, I'm new. I've been following the community for a while but I'm shy. After reading enough posts, I realized that unlike a whole lot of communities on LJ, you guys are pretty supportive and nice to people who post, as long as they follow the rules.
I started my dreads in July. I'd flirted with the idea a few times before, but gotten cold feet and combed them out after a few weeks each time. I am a recovering addict and had a bad relapse and had to move home to detox, and for about a month, I unintentionally utilized the neglect method simply because I was too sick to bother combing or brushing my hair, so I'd just shower and go back to bed (longtime user of dr. bronners, so I think that helped). Once I got well enough to start caring about my appearance, I realized that I had little dreadlings starting and figured what had previously seemed like a major change - letting my hair lock - now seemed minor in comparison to what laid before me as far as getting clean was concerned.

Today, I'm about ten and-a-half months clean and my dreads are just about that old. I love them.

About a month.

At about two months, I had a teletubby thing going on. I wore a headscarf a lot.

3 months.

5 months.

I stopped taking pictures for a while after this. My life was normalizing and also I sort of felt like my hair looked like crap. It wasn't until recently that I noticed a change.

I took these today. I'm hoping to tackle some of my loops at some point. I don't mind a few but some of the bigger ones bother me. I struggle to keep my hands off, because my hair is very curly and the top of my head is growing in all loose little curls, but the last thing I want to do is break or weaken any of my dreads, so I'm working on it.

I love looking at everybody's pictures; thanks for looking at mine!
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