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Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber

Dread Timeline- Babies to 1 Year 3 Months

I've been around here for a while, but only have a chance to check in rarely and sporadically so I've really only read a few memories and commented a handful of times.... =( Since I found this community, I have really wanted to post but never had the time to get a time line together for all you wonderful people. I finally did it so here ya go! =D

Brand spankin' new baby cuties! Day one:

I bleached my hair 6 or so times using blue toner as my goal was white, but my hair completely refused to turn white no matter what I did so I decided once I had killed my hair entirely to dread...

Day Two:

My roommate back combed, knotted, rip and twisted, and palm rolled my hair for a good 12 hours before they were completely finished (the bottom still isn't finished in this photo)

One Month:

In the first month I braided the ends which I probably wouldn't do again, but I still liked the look for a while. Eventually the elastics broke and the bottoms came undone but I didn't notice and problems with my dreads as a result. I think braiding the tips may have helped them stay contained and form faster even.

Four Months:

Had a little dreading party with a couple friends. VERY happy with my roots here... =D

Seven Months:

This method of dread dying seems to be the most effective for me, but some may not like it because it tends to leave more dye residue in your dreads for longer but you get much brighter colors and they last much longer... I take each individual dread or small groups of dreads (no more than four) and douse them with hair dye, wrap them in plastic wrap right down to the root, and then wrap all of them together into a conelike structure on the top of my head with more plastic wrap, sleep on it overnight, and rinse it out in the morning until I feel I got enough out.

Seven Months:

The day after I dyed them pink, purple, green, and aqua...I dyed them pretty intensively and did a little roughing up of my dreads as a result but I still really liked how it turned out and my dreads healed quickly.

Eleven Months:

One Year One Month:

One Year Two Months:

One Year Two Months:

One Year Three Months:
This was taken a day or two after I dyed them green...

One Year Four Months:

Now, time to finish making a terrarium for my new pet slug, Guadalupe! Peace and love!
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