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Who knew 2 years of neglect...

Think it's about 2 years since I brushed my hair. Just going with the flow.

Messy, big dreaddies, small knots, loose hairs, roots needing dyed...me in all my hairy glory!

(Haven't been on LJ much in the past year so it's been a while...this comm never ceases to reel me back in every once in a while! You're all looking gorgeous!)

This was at the very start when i just had the knottiest mess attached to my head! (had been on a night out the night before too...forgive the general mess that is me!)

This was about a year ago (so i guess a year into the neglecting after a wash and a bit of tearing apart). I hate this pic..but love it as they've gotten so much better now!

Few months after the prev pic...

I lose track of times/dates etc....

This was me all dolled up for a work xmas party.

And then to the current pics...sorry they're boring back of head shots!

My wonderful messy dreaddies today :)

And a posey shot for the record...

Hope you all are enjoying summer (I'm sitting inside whilst it rains outside and suffering from a yukky cold, booo)

Love love xx


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