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ello ello, anyone know how to re-section a centre parting?

Hey all, huge apologies if this is in the memories already but i was wondering if anyone has resectioned the centre parting on mature dreads? I've no idea how i'd go about doing it, my dreads are 3 years old and boob length. The centre parting is really making me miserable, over the years it seems to have gotten w i d e r and wider and now makes me look like a right baldilocks.

I dont have any pictures of  the chasm but heres a few randoms that show my hair:



My hair is now a henna-only zone, i think that constantly messing with it has contributed to its flimsy state, its now a slightly healthier dark brown/red.

I do miss my red dreadhawk though...


after doing my lovely friend jez's  dread mullet. if you'd like to have a nosy at some of my dread work


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