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POW-POW! I shot you! No, I shot YOU first!

 Hey GUDU!

The last weekend of May, I went to a Multicultural Convention for the National Presbytery Church. I was a leader, giving the youth activities to do! But enough about that. While I was there, I was doing some scouting work! I decided to turn the camera around toward other people I saw while I was there! I missed one guy's locks that were absolutely amazing. His weren't my favorite [I captured my favorite!], but his were tied for 2nd best to me. Well enough of the dialogue.

Mrs. Lola Fryer Davidson. She is an author, teacher, and speaker. Besides that, she is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING SPIRIT. She had to be my favorite person I'd met there. When around her, you just FELT better about yourself. I don't know what it was, but she had me smiling the entire weekend. I stole this one just to give you guys a look at how she kept her locks up for the convention.

When I told her about GUDU, she took it down and let me see the beauty! There is SO MUCH CREATIVITY AND FREEDOM in her locks. I would love for mine to have that spirit when they grow past my shoulders. :)

I had to get in the pic later on, haha

I did not get this charming lady's name. But the way she had her hair tied back, I was amazed. 

I had to get in the pic, too. I love how solid her locks are.

I had to take like 3-4 pics for this lady. She wanted to show you all the length of her locks! I don't blame her. hehe

I held a good conversation with the young lady below regarding the 'expression' and 'naturalness', so to speak, of locks. We had to be told to shut up because devotion was starting, haha!

The lady below wanted to be emailed a link to GUDU to see as well. I feel SO BAD! I lost the card when I moved! I had it ALL THE WAY up until the day we moved. I tried to make sure I kept up with it because I knew I'd lose it. Sure enough, I lost it. :( I don't remember her name, but she was a calm spirit. Someone I'd love to sit with and talk. Or not talk.

Not trying to steal a spotlight, but she gave me a sock for my locks! I never had one and felt sort of honored that, after she saw how 'all about the kids' I was, she wanted me to have it.

This kid had SUCH beautiful color in his locks. I didn't wanna seem like a creep taking pics of a kid! So I stole them from a distance.

This is a color I wanted of mine. I would like mine to lighten up a bit, but I don't really want to add color to it. Like...'force' it to lighten up. I'm appreciating mine alot more now.

In other news, I think it's pretty safe to say that my love wants locks. She's kinda lettin' her hair knot, but she does want to start them off palmrolled. She's been spending more time in the memories and looking at GUDU posts than I have! In the below pics, I gave her a bit of backcombing to tease her hair into tangling and palmrolling it. I don't have enough time to do her whole head, but the last week of June she's coming to where I live for an entire week!!

I told her that she has no choice but to let me do her whole head that week. She didn't fight back, you guys! I think it might be her time!!!

I swear, in this picture the section looks bigger than what it was when I was there.

So of course, now that things seem official for her getting them, I'm gonna be spending time in the memories for starting new locks. I don't really want to use anything to start them, but I think I'll end up using a bit of Mango & Lime to assist anyway. :\

OH! I almost forgot! I got lazy on the hair-flipping pics, so instead I made technology do the work for me. Check out the new genre of pics that all of GUDU has to do...FAN PICS!!!

I'll catch YOU folks on the flipside!!!
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