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Starting Dreads Question

First off, I get all of my information here [some from DreadlockTruth.com, but most from here]. I educate my in-laws about dreads, and try to show the error in stereotypical thinking [at least when it comes to dreads]. I've been reading the memories profusely, and I'll still be doing so, but meanwhile I have a question that I haven't seen covered. This does not mean it wasn't covered, and if I find the answers I'll edit this post.

So this post isn't horridly long in the friends page, I'mma cut it.

My sister-in-law is flying in to visit tomorrow, and I've asked her to start the dread process [if I don't chicken out]. I'm ready for something to change, so either I get dreads or a haircut -- if A doesn't work then B will :). My main concern was for job hunting, but since no one wants my mad skillz anyway, I guess that's not a problem.

I've been washing my hair with just shampoo for the past few weeks, just to get any conditioner residue out. My hair doesn't get oily [or at least visibly oily] for a while, and I have curly hair so I'm sure the dread process will be fine. I'm very aware that dreads don't start to really be "dreads" until about a year, and I know this will be a journey and not a teleportation. I'm also aware that curly hair vs. straight hair has little to do with dreading, except for maybe time, but my question still has to do with curly hair.

Question: I know that commonly sections are backcombed until only a few stray hairs which can no longer be combed remain. I was wondering if it's possible/advisable to purposely leave about 1-2 inches of hair unknotted. Would this cause unnecessary unraveling? And the subset of this question, would curly hair be less likely to unravel?

I love the look of loose ends [the stragglers] and feel that my curls would look nice at the end of dreads, and be a good compromise for my husband [who loves my curls]. I also know that if that's not an option, I can simply leave bangs up front.

I've checked through the memories, specifically the sections:

Curly Hair
Dread Size
How Dreads Form
Palm Rolling
Starting Dreads

and have not seen anything about this. Maybe I overlooked something, and if I did I apologize.

Also, just because, here's a pic I drew in MSPaint. My husband runs a Roleplaying game online with our friends and this is my chick, Ivy. I'm only inspired while we play, so she's rough. But kinda cute.

Thanks for any advice, and again, if you guys see this as a total noob question, I'll re-read the mems. Here's hoping I go through with this and can start enjoying chaos.

ETA: So I'm getting some great feedback regarding this. I guess I was unaware just how many of you guys' dreads have *lots* of loose ends, and not just a few hairs. Thanks much!
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