Heatherrrr. (foadskank) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Bye bye dreads.

I almost made it to two years! The initial plan was to only have them for a year, but I loved them too much. I think I kept them so much longer though, because I didn't want to deal with taking them out. My hair was pretty damaged before dreading, and whilst dreaded. So instead of having awesomely long hair, I had to cut it pretty short  after combing them out because it was so thin. (During combing them out, I was actually able to pull an entire dread clean off my head! D:) I thought the comb out was gonna be this intense emotional journey that would definitely make me cry, but I actually had no impulse to cry throughout the entire 12 hour comb-out process. More than anything I was excited to start this new journey.

I will always always always love my time with my dreads (even though I had a lot of days I hated them) but I'm pretty happy with my new look. For now anyways! There's no way I could ever decide which one I like better, both styles have their positive and negative sides. But I'm happy for right now and that's all the matters. :]

I'm definitely gonna stick around though. You beautiful dreaded people inspire me and I thoroughly enjoy looking at your beautiful locks! Maybe even so much that I'll start a second set some day in the future... ;] Who knows?



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