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some misc shots

hello from sunny (and friggin' hot) california. i was out doing some work in the greenhouse this afternoon and took a couple of shots while i was taking a break. thought i'd post some of the photos and      my dreads are 5+ yrs. the sun shows more texture than when i try to take photos inside the house.
      an upside shot with a slight flip :)    
     close up of texture and flyaways.
  this is my new 'bead' made by a cool japanese glass blower named saki (hacky sacky is what she goes by). i got to see her blow some glass live at the FIRST high times cannabis cup in san francisco this weekend. it's a glass bow that's supposed to be a ring for small fingers but she had one in her dreads and it's so cute..i couldn't resist. i like using it to pull some top dreads back as you can see. a few small dreads fill the hole. i know there's gotta be some people here who appreciate cool glass :)
anyway, enjoy this day.
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