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Questions and hurtful comments I suppose, hah.

Hello guys
(bit of background)
I've been wanting my dreads for years and years, like since I was about 11 and I saw a girl with dreadlocks on holiday, and said to my mom "what's wrong with her hair mom it looks really nice I want to do that", and my mom was like "ok you can when you're 18.." and then forgot about it, and thought I'd forgotten about it, til I was 16 and started being like, so I'm getting my dreads in 2 years :D In the mean time I've done tons of research, asked loads of questions whenever I met someone with dreads, and read all the memories here on GUDU. I got my dreads just about 3 weeks ago I think, and posted pictures on here which you may remember.

Same thing with my tattoo, I've wanted it and known exactly what I was getting for ages, but didn't really want to go somewhere that would tattoo me under age, even though plenty of my friends have got tattoos younger and had no problems.
I feel much happier with both of them, I feel more confident just going about my life and I feel that who I am on the outside reflects more who I am inside. I don't know if that's a bit pathetic, it's how I feel though :)

Yesterday I met my friend to go and buy some wellies because we need them for festivals. Now I haven't seen her for a while because she's been with an awful boyfriend who never let her go out, but we've been seeing a lot more of each other recently, now that they're no longer together.
But yesterday when we were waiting for my bus, I was joking about and saying I might as well just get a job as I don't think I'm going to get into university (my last biology exam was disasterous, I think the others have gone alright though), to which she replied "Nobody will give you a job now. Nobody wants to employ someone with dreadlocks."
I assumed she was joking, and laughed, and listed all the jobs I expected would still take someone with dreads, some that my friends or people on here had said they have. To which she replied, "Yes but none of them are really proper jobs are they? No real jobs will want anyone with dreads" and no matter how much I said that I wouldn't really want to work somewhere that would judge me on that, and I wouldn't really enjoy those sorts of jobs anyway, she kept on being incredibly rude back (I don't know if she realised it was very hurtful), and concluded that she didn't even know if she was joking herself, but she didn't think she was.

Now don't get me wrong, even in the short time I've had them I've got used to people being curious or uneducated about dreads. I've had all the usual questions ("How's it stuck together? Can you wash it?") but when I answer people seem to accept this, and most of them time it is curiosity rather than random abuse.
I've obviously had to answer questions from my parents (who are warming to them a lot, I think they thought that the Sideshow Bob look I was rocking when I first came home with them was how they would look forever, but they can see that they're improving already), but somehow coming from a friend it seemed a lot more hurtful. She knows I've wanted this for a long time, and I feel a lot happier with myself, and I'm hurt that she would criticise me so openly for it. If one of my friends did something I wouldn't do myself, I'd still accept that it was their decision :(

I don't know, I'm not sure what I'm expecting from this thread, I just wanted to rant to people who would understand and perhaps have similar experiences? (and yes, I've read the memories under abuse, that's what made me think of posting my own experience)

Anyway, enough of my ranting, PICTURES!!

At about 2 weeks

Somewhere between 2 and 3 weeks, taken a few days ago (and they're 3 weeks old today I believe)

Anyway enough complaining already! Now I'm off to wash my hair (because I can, even though it's dreaded! :P) and revise for my next unit.
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