rawhippie (rawhippie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I did it!

I just finished dreading my hair. The last few kind of need to be redone though. But I'm going to do that tomorrow. My arms hurt! lol

My husband doesn't like them but that's because they're so poofy right now. I feel like sideshow bob! lol But I know my hair...it'll calm down in a few days.

I haven't put anything on my dreads yet. I have some tightening gel that I bought from knottyboy years ago. I'm going to use it tomorrow. No wax though...too many horror stories about that.

OK...so I don't really like these pics. Oh well. lol

Me yesterday
day 0

Just before I dreaded my hair
(it looks wet because I had just sprayed it with a solution of lemon juice, sea salt, and water)

And ofcourse the dreads themselves!
day 2 day 1

I lost a lot of length. I didn't take a picture of the back though because a few of the dreads need to be redone. I got kind of sloppy near the end. Tomorrow morning I'm going to fix them.

Now I just need to take a good pic that I can put as my avatar. lol
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