Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber (strange_spider) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber

A story for you, dreaded loves!

Do enjoy! Although, I must warn you the content matter is of objectionable taste, some may say....

If ever you are wandering the northern regions of the United States, you may happen across creatures of the river variety. These particular river monsters will lure unsuspecting humans in with signs of peace and fiendish smiles, so beware.

Once in their midst, the treacherous beasts leap in waves of river debris and nasty looks, and ensnare said humans in their dreaded tangles of river worn hair.

After being pummeled with vicious threats and terrifying glances, humans are, more often than not, subdued and forced to follow into the deep recesses of the river creatures' jungle lair where they are coaxed into coital relations, for river monsters are most fond of eating human...


Yes, though twisted and sad, it's true, these mysteriously intriguing creatures enjoy feasting upon the flesh of human young ones so much that...

...the thought of such things sends their heart a-thumping with glee, and they can barely contain their anticipation and excitement!

So, whatever you do, never, ever allow a dreaded river monster to catch you unawares, for you may end up feeding it your own fetus, which I can almost always guarantee to be quite an unpleasant experience.

But butterfly people are okay.

The End.

All the amazing photography is by my incredible muse, Che Arrajj. <3
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