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[hopefully non-annoying] noob question

First of all, I did read the memories. The areas I checked didn't really talk about this issue [which is probably normal, but I'm unsure].

EDIT: That's all folks. Completely normal -- move along.

Basically the first dread I backcombed did really well. It's stiff, and feels hard and knotty and just all around proper [at least from what I've gathered]. In all the starting dreads and baby dread posts I've seen, every dread is sticking out, and the description of "stiff" seems to be the ultimate goal ["backcomb until stiff"]. I'm doing the same thing to every dread, but only the first one is this stiff:

The question: Is it okay for my dreads to be backcombed thoroughly [can't get a comb to really budge anymore to backcomb further] but not be stiff and sticking straight out?

I'm really sorry if this is a question often received. I know for you Pros it is an eye-roller. But I have no experience with how a baby dread is supposed to feel [nor does my sister-in-law, who is helping with the back] and we're doing everything we've seen on tutorials & photos. Once all backcombed I'm content to sit and let them do their thing, but I want to make sure I'm getting them off to a good start -- especially before I finish my head.

If this is covered in the memories, just please direct me to the right link. As I said I've checked the Starting and Baby dreads sections, as well as the Backcombing links [and all the ones listed in my previous post]. Maybe I'm not connecting a very important dot? If I'm doing right, and this is normal, then just a "Yeah, it's normal, now keep at it!" will work :) Again, sorry for my dread-ignorance.
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