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Around 10 Months...

Hey GuDuers...it's been a few months since I've posted, but I've been having alot of idea's go through my head and I need some input. My dreadies are almost 10 months, and I'm real excited because it went by so fast!!! I can't wait for a year...I really hope they start to grow soon! (The itching has also basically stopped, so for those of you who have babies that are younger than mine and itching is a real issue, it likely will go away in time...) Anyhoo...my dreads were put in my by ex boyfriend, around September...and we just recently broke up about a month ago. We were living together, i'm FINALLY moving out this Thursday!!! Let's just say it hasn't been so much fun. So what I've been thinking, I feel like I'm carrying around negative weight and as if my dreadlings have bad connotations with jerkboy...since he was the one who created them. I'm also going through sort of an identity-crisis and have decided to persue my interest in women. I've been thinking about cutting my dreads off as soon as they hit 1 year, getting a pixie cut or something like it, and starting my dread journey at a different time, on a clean slate, with my life in a better, more positive place. Besides the fact that i'm really bugged by the way he sectioned them...
Here's some pics so ya'll can see what i'm workin with...

This is how I usually wear my hair. Just straight tied back. I'm bored with it, but don't like wearing my dreads down since they are at such an awkward length...

Oh, and sorry about all the crappy cellie pics, my camera's packed away with the rest of my life waiting to move...

I just recently cut my bangs shorter and dyed them blonde...

Thanks for listening, and looking...!!!
Love always,
Tyrannosaurus Rexi of the North Country Lumber Jills --Plattsburgh Roller Derby
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