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The Last Bastion of Delicacy

On discovering healthy locking methods and cleansing one's past

Everyone here has been so awesome and friendly. Thanks!

Last weekend I was very inspired to get as much crap as possible out of my 9-month-old dreads. To recap, my dreadlocks were started with thread and Knottyboy wax, which I removed a week ago and continue to doctor for progress.

I've been using Knotty Boy dread shampoo pretty much exclusively, mostly because I need to dilute it down so much in order to get it to not cause a blizzard on my scalp. And even doing so, I always end up with a day or two of dandruff, which always makes me very, very self-conscious (with black hair, it's really noticeable).

Here's a BEFORE shot. This is after all the thread was removed but before I did anything else:

It's not fantastic but my dreads were a little limp, heavy, and of course a little bit tacky to the touch. This section is also where my real hair meets the sewn-in extensions.

Here is another BEFORE shot showing how the dread wax has caked and dried and has creating just general nasty gunk mid-dread. The worst build-up is where the thread was wrapped, since it couldn't go anywhere.

I used the recipe for the baking soda/lemon juice/sea salt/tea tree oil deep cleanse (in the "Deep cleaning" memories) and man it smelled even better than I could have expected:

(and you gotta have something to pass the time. Right now I'm fascinated by 19th-century English culture.)

Our guest bathroom worked great because there was enough of a counter to lie down. I meant to read, but fell asleep. 30 minutes soaking the locks and wearing ratty clothes because it does get messy when you climb out:

My husband also took this "AFTER" pic of the sink as I was rinsing and scrubbing in the shower:

After they dried I tried to take some AFTER photos of the locks but it was kind of tricky. My arms are short and they don't look that much different. But they do feel 10000% nicer to the touch. They're lighter, softer, and I daresay fluffier. I'm assuming this is because they were weighted down by so much shampoo and wax residue, and now that it's rid of all the "glue" they're free to move and knot on their own. (SCIENCE! It works!)

Also, the un-dreaded parts on my bangs and my roots are so much softer and happier. Normally by now (4 days later) I'll need another go with the shampoo but everything is still feeling squeaky clean. I think I'm going no 'poo from here on out. Sold!

One thing: Deep cleaning alone really doesn't remove all the flakey white stuff, so I have been rubbing dish soap on a few dreads at a time and then washing them very thoroughly under hot water. That seems to work great, but I'll probably need to do another deep clean in a few weeks.

I will probably regret posting compromising photos of myself in due time, but I hope this is informative to folks out there and hey if you can't laugh at yourself then life ain't worth livin'.
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