z0mbiegrlfriend (z0mbiegrlfriend) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Tour of Knots :edit:

decided i needed to take pictures of all my dreads today, so i made a photo set for your viewing pleasure :] HOWEVER, apparently it requires a login, so i've edited this post & added another 18 pictures to this already large post, so slow connections beware!beach photos aside, all these pictures were taken with my cell camera so they don't do much justice

also, saw moe. last night @ hampton beach & had a ballin time ! didn't bring my hoop because i figured i'd get it taken away but there were like 7 girls going at it ! i can't wait for badfish on sunday !


ack sorry for being a n00b with lj cuts, i swear i'll figure it out, not that hard
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