The Dreamer (blackpurplewolf) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Dreamer

Almost a year :D

Hi everyone! Shortly after joining, I fell into hermit mode due to life hitting my in the face. But now I'm back again~! My locks are coming up on their first birthday and I thought I'd share some pictures from the year.

I thought that was uncool so I aspired to become a dinosaur

Didn't work out too well, the skeleton did not approve of my dino walk

So I went back to being a college student~

Then I decided that college kinda stinks for me so I became a frequent park goer

and a general weirdo

Aand then just decided to be me which includes park frequenter, weirdo and a bajillion things in between.

As my hair grows so do I. I love my locks because they're wild random and refused to sit down, like me! Although I don't comment I go through almost every entry. You guys remind me to be myself and be proud of the little fuzzies on my head. Stay awesome everyone :)
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