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So many beautiful sets of dreads have been posted recently!  Make me really really miss the crazier early days of my dreads.

I used to have crazy, messy, wild, frizzy dreads like this:

and I so often would tell myself "one day they won't be like this!!!! one day they'll be nice and neat and long and hard and developed and perfect."  And I'd look at pictures of dreads many years old on GuDu and oogle and dream of the day when my dreads would look that mature.

Today I have still slightly messy, a little frizzy, and rarely wild and crazy dreads like this:

(dyed blonder thanks to the lovely opinions I received on my last post)

my room on the other hand is still very messy and wild and crazy!!! (I really did clean it after I took this picture :D )

and today I looked at many pictures of younger dreads and admired the wildness, smooshy softness, and amazingness of newer dreads.
Basically, it's so clear to me that I just love dreads in general and I'm beginning to understand the appeal of having many sets :)

I will leave you with this picture I captured of my cats "pet me" face.

the best part that you probably can't see is she is quite cross eyed, especially when begging for pets.

Happy summer :)
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