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Flea stuffies

Hi everyone. I want to say that I did read the memories. However, the last one in there was written ago and I wanted to see if there was anymore information.

Background: My kids, our 5 month old puppy, and I went to visit a friend for a week (he lives about 10 hours away). While here (we leave tomorrow) the puppy got fleas (my friend's cats had them and he thought he got rid of them...turns out he killed the fleas but not the eggs which hatched while we were here).

Problem: Yesterday we noticed the infestation had gotten bad (literally overnight which is why we have the egg theory). This morning I washed my dreads for the first time while here. I forgot to get baking soda or Dr Bronners before I left (plan on getting the one with tea tree oil) before I came. My friend was out of baking soda and the shampoo he has is the kind that moisturizes (why a guy who shaves his head has that I don't know). So I used soap and due to the low water pressure he has I don't think I washed it all out. That, and the fact that I've been sweating really bad, has made my scalp itch.

My worry was that some of the fleas may also be bitting me. I mean I am REALLY itchy!

What I found: According to the memories it seems that most people feel that you won't get fleas in your dreads. That is really comforting. I know that fleas do bite humans and when we had them when i was a teen they never infested my hair then. I highly doubt they would now.

Also the memories said that using tea tree oil will prevent most bugs. This I already knew but I'm adding it here for those who didn't. it's one of the reasons why the Dr Bronners I plan on buying will be the one with tea tree oil.

My plan: In another community someone suggested that I wash the puppy with Dawn because it kills fleas well and is safe. It doesn't kill the eggs so I'm going to use a flea comb for that.

For me I'm considering buying Dawn to use on my hair too because I heard that dish soap can be good for cleaning dreads and Dawn really works well on grease (my hair gets really oily sometimes). I know, I don't believe I'm infested. But I'm covering all bases. Plus my scalp is really raw from scratching and I know that baking soda will hurt like hell. I plan on buying some tea tree oil and putting it in the dawn for extra good measure (hey I have kids and kids get lice really easily from friends). I also want to buy the dr bronners though because I've used it before and like it...just need to order it and the Dawn will be to use until then.

My point in writing on here? I'm wondering if anyone has any information that I didn't find in the memories that may be useful. If there's one thing I've learned from this group it's that you guys have GREAT advice.
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