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I have a couple things to show you wonderful humans today! The first is part of a photo shoot I already posted but I omitted this so the post wouldn't be outrageously long. =P I think it may be appreciated though so here are a few photos I plan on making into a gif as soon as I can... =P

Also, I spent the day with my favorite artist friend and muselove, Che Arrajj, a couple days ago and he took so many beautiful photos I feel the need to share with you happiness and bright colorful sunshine loving people!
Crawling through the bushes to a fantastic semi-hidden platform that overlooks an amazing view of the ocean in Portland. One of my favorite places!

This is lovingly named the tripping tree and is known on a broad scale throughout Portland as a great climbing tree with a breathtaking view of the city from way up high.

Said breathtaking view...

This tree is made even better due to the fact that it towers over most of the surrounding trees making the view that much more epic.

Tree climbing happiness =D

This is what once was the great Binga's and is now home to some incredible graffiti that I adore.

The wall gave me temporary hair extensions!

And now for some railroad bottle balancing! Soon this will be a fire act! =D

Beautiful gardens fill my heart with joy <3

Glass lollypop love yay!

<3 this photo

Hope you all have fantastic weekends!
Peace and Love, Tinamarie
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