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Timeline Demonstrating Drunken Debauchery

This is a tagged Facebook photo timeline, from New Year's Eve '10 to last Tuesday. I did my fiance's dreads in early November, so this is mostly to illustrate their progress...

and apparently I'm a lush, because every tagged picture I am in involves copious amounts of boozing and compromising situations.

So, as if you couldn't guess...

Okay, so now that we've cleared THAT up...here are a few from New Years. The boy's dreads are about a month and a half here. Mine are 2 years +9 months -----

We are so classy. New Years Eve in a cheap St. Pete motel drinking Keystone light. You can't really tell his dread-lets are aspiring to be dreads yet, but they were!

I am so jealous he gets to have curly baby dreads. Damn my stick-straight hair!

These were taken somewhere between then and Spring.

A boy and his gun.

...and his derp.

His are starting to shrink a bit. And I am rocking the grandma bun.

Dread monster in my lap. Leave it to him to go to sleep at a party in his own house!

Not much to do with anything...but awwwwwww.

No comment.

Now fast forward to early June. His dreads are 7 months here. Mine are 3 years + 2 months.
These were taken at my neighbor's birthday party. I think we got out of hand.

Look at that shrinkage! Not to mention his BEAUTIFUL pearl necklace, hahaha.


Again to demonstrate his shrinkage. His hair was SOOOO long and curly when we started these.

And now from another neighbor's weekly "tipsy Tuesday" gathering. PS. It only ends in hating Wednesday.

So innocent...

...until we ruin it.

No dreads in this one, only the shocking realization of what I am in the middle of :D

So apparently pantomiming nose picking was the theme of the evening?

I have no really recent pictures of him where his hair is showing and he's NOT pantomiming a nose-pick, so I'll spare you. But they are looking so good! We went camping in June on an island for my birthday, and once he hit the salt water they just went to town. His tips rounded themselves, and he's getting some cute little fatties! They are barely touching his shoulders now :)

Happy weekend, GUDU!

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