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As promised: Bentonite test run

Hey Gudu!
I posted last week about accidentally getting bentonite clay mask in my bangs and the drying/roughening effect it had on them. I posited that this might be useful to someone starting dreads in BRUSHABLE HAIR and BRUSHABLE HAIR only, since the stuff dries rock hard, is difficult to remove, and would likely leave an enormous amount of (theoretically unwanted) residue in knotted hair. Anyway, I have been toying with dreading my fringe for a bit of time, and decided to give it a go last night and run a test of the grey stuff.

First, you mix the clay with as much water as it takes to make it lumpy and spreadable. It looks this way. (note:It is pretty inconsequential if you make it too watery, as given long enough, whatever mixture you make WILL eventually dry. I suggest it be gloppy and thick to ease in application, complete coverage, and not-a-billion-years dry time.)

Next, smash in in yer hairs. Make sure not to get it in dreads though. Be crazy about this.

since it is actually quite nice on your skin (it can be drying though, remember!), you can use the leftover as a face mask. Or posthamous mustache.

At this point I made flashcards of parenchymal tissue derivatives. Feel free to do something less horrible until it is all dry. Wash and scrub and brush to get it out, then let your hair dry and section. I have a lot of fringe, and in contrast to my chunk-o dreads, I was looking a bit bald when I would pin them back. I ended up getting 8 skinnies out of my bangs, for a total of 46 dreads total. It kills me that it's an even number.
In the end, it did dry my hair quite a bit, and likey made dreading a bit easier. I don't know that it would particularly be any *more* helpful than salt water spray that some suggest, in that the oils might naturally return and what I thought were well backcombed dreads, weren't actually as tight as they seemed. I guess the first wash will tell!

Highfive GUDU!
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