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Lookit dis update derr. [3ish weeks]

Brother-in-law found his SD card which has a slot for a micro-SD, so I can transfer pics from my phone to my PC. Sweet. He gave it to me; double sweet.

I finally got photos off my phone that I took over a year ago while Andrew and I were driving from Arkansas to Idaho. Gas station sights and whatnot.

Also, it's been [counts] about 3 weeks since I started them. Difficult to pin down a time, as it took a week to do the majority [along with combing out and redoing several], and I still have 3 or 4 braids that I'm just leaving. But I'mma go with the last week of June/beginning of July [June 30th-July 1st, if we wanna get technical].

Wow. Awesome band name.

Moving on. Here are a couple of my hair [straightened and natural] to show length. Not the best examples as these are old, but the length is average:

Also that pic looks patriotic because it's July 4th, but from 2009. :P

These are from about a week in [July 6th] - Right & Left:

I took these today before we left to get Wendy's and Starbucks:

[Sun was in my eyes and I was making an awful face, so please enjoy this pink squiggly.]

Curlies are in full swing, and I can feel some shrinkage [though it's probably more "curl-age"]. Despite the seeming nest o' hair, I can tell definition among them. I've got general loose roots and hair [exacerbated by my horridly itchy scalp which I can't help but scratch] and a halo of frizz and loose hair up top, but lookie, lishd, this is me not worrying! :)

And because I thought you guys would enjoy these, here are some non-dreadie photos I snagged:

My uncle does woodworking. He made these rolling pins by piecing various woods [cherry, walnut, cedar, etc] together. He made the bowls underneath as well. Pic's not the best but he's really amazing, and self-taught (and 70, but totally doesn't act it).

In Nebraska we stopped in a gas station with good food and they had some various fancy antique gas signs.

And for fun, some grocery fails. The pickles are from a few months ago, just shopping. The pizza is from my hometown's small grocery store (so around November 2009). Hope you guys get the unintended joke I spotted:

Much love; have a great weekend everyone! :)

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