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Month 1

Yesterday my dreaddies turned 1 month old. It's been an interesting month and I'm really liking them. They are dreading really nicely. I'm realizing that as they tighten they're definitely getting thinner. That's OK as I like thin dreads. Plus I have thin hair so it's to be expected anyway.

This past week I've been palmrolling a lot and doing a bit of root rubbing (can't remember if that's the right term) and separating. I'm not able to do my entire head in one day...but that's mostly because it just takes too long. So I'm trying to make sure I get each of them in turn. I just have to remember to keep on working on the ones in the back as they've been quite neglected.

I have a lot in the back that have loops but I know that those will go away with time.

I love them so much! I've even reached a point where I can sucessfully ignore my mother's "ugh!" every time she sees them. lol My husband has stopped saying that they're not dreading, especially since most of them are tight enough that you can see the individual dread a lot better when they're all together. Though I did discover one that needed a lot of work (it's a skinny one that has too much loose hair hanging around it). That one I've been working on getting the hair around it to dread into it (I rub the hairs around it into the dread with my fingers and palmroll a lot. It's hard to explain but it is helping).

I'm so loving this journey. I can't wait to see how they'll look in a month! hehe

Here's a pic:

Month 1
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