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Thought I had my dream job...

Evenin' everyone! I posted here a couple of times last fall when I started my dreadlock journey. I started backcombing when my hair was about 3 inches long, a grown-out pixie cut, and everyone, including myself, was surprised at how quickly they began forming in such short hair. I was so happy with how I looked and felt throughout the process, it was the first time I felt so beautiful in my whole life! My dreadlocks were about 6 months young when I painfully combed them out, but I did it for my "dream job." I got hired at the animal rescue I had been trying to get a job at for over 2 years, and was shocked when they told me I'd have to comb out my babies, but did it nonetheless, no regrets.

Until now! Of course, as life usually goes, I am no longer satisfied at this job, and have been screwed over a couple of times with my hours being reduced not being eligible for benefits, among other things. I'm very frustrated with it all, and I can't help but wish I would have been able to see the future and not have combed out my hair for this. It was so much more than a hairstyle for me- as many of us here have felt, having dreadlocks gave me a new kind of confidence I had never felt before in myself. It had been the first time I had ever been patient with anything before, and actually had seen results from my patience. And I'm so sad that I sacrificed that beautiful process of patience for a job that I no longer love. :( And I can't help but imagine how much longer they'd be now, and how they'd be maturing! They'd be a year this fall!

I will stay at this job, unfortunately, because I am in the process of being approved for a mortgage loan on my first house, and I can't quit a job during that time. However, I look forward to the day when I will be at a new job that allows me to express myself more openly, and my hair will grow together as one again!

Here were my tiny works of art I had so patiently nursed:

Sigh! Someday....

And thank you all for posting and keeping me inspired, can't wait to start my second set and I will think twice next time about where I choose to work. Have any of you had similar experiences?
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