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My new set!

Some rambling, some thankings, and some photos. =)

Okay I am sitting here waiting on my photos to send from my iphone to my desktop so I can post them on here. I shall just ramble for a while. I had my first set about two-ish years ago? Somewhere around there. I used wax on them. I don't blame this DreadheadHQ, but I blame this on my own ignorance about dreadlocks. Since I have became a member of this site I feel like I can sort of educate people more thanks to all of you.

INFO on set two:
Some are two days old, some are three months, one is two years (old set), and some are dreading naturally.
They are crazy and disobedient. But I love them.



I decided I was pretty lame for giving myself a fake tattoo on paint. (I was actually waiting for the other photos to load. :D )

THEN I was trying to take a portrait style photo and saw how large my nose is, so I decided to make a disgusted face. Thank you cajun genes, THANK you haha!!

I was SO bored in paint that I decided to get my Sheriff license. SO THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN!!!!!

I would like to give the following thanks to:
-Louisiana weather for being rainy today
-my iphone 3Gs for having no 3G and taking so long
-my friends for being at work and not here entertaining me
-and of course to my mother and father for the large cajun nose.

=) Hope yall enjoyed.
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