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pdx day trip

I had to drive some engineering equipment to Portland on Tuesday. It was so fucking awesome! I hung out @ Powell's, wandered around Pearl District, and met up with an old friend for a catch-up dinner accompanied by lots of laughter.

There were lots of dreadlocked and heavily tattooed women in the city limits...I didn't get ONE question/comment from anybody re: my appearance like I always do here in SF and it was AWESOMEOSITY.

I SOOOO wanted to keep driving to Seattle (another place I've never been). Only a little over 200m away! Next time (when I have more time) I will, since in this case I had to come back to the city almost right away (Thurs).

PDX Fail: It was foggy, so I didn't get to see either Mt. Hood or Mt. St. Helens. Boo.
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