Just Mindless. (anabrie) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Just Mindless.

Sooo, 5 weeks.

First off, I'm not allowed to touch the camera again. The SD card slot is located under a flap containing the batteries [not a good place for an SD slot, IMO] and it's nearly impossible for me to open it. Had to get the hubs to help, and the last time he had difficulty because I apparently kinda closed it wonky. So there's that.

Secondly, yay 5 weeks! I know that's chump change to you year+'ers, but I'm happy. My hair has decided to be completely loose; I have a few tight locks but others seem to be just coming apart. I'm trying to just deal, and keep telling myself they'll suck back in as the dreads mature... but it's hard. Furthermore, these aren't just one or two strands of loose hair. I'm sure it's happened this way for others, though, so again I'm trying not to worry.

I've noticed a few locks that are flattened near the roots. I know the cause is my near constant use of a headset [gamer-nerd, music fiend]; these locks are right behind my ear and as such get the worst of the pressure. I do palm roll, though mainly after my shower, and these are very awkward to get to. Hoping that after I wash tomorrow I can get the hubs to help but we'll see.

I felt around today and found the two smallest of my locks and had my husband snap pics. The first looks bigger than it feels, and the second... well, you'll see.

So here's the first lil' guy. He feels a lot thinner than he looks; in fact he looks more on par with the majority of my dreads. But I guess he's not as substantial.

And here's the second. At least, it was. I cut him off.

Perhaps [most likely] he would have squirmed into a nearby dread and been fine, but I can also see that causing a pulling sensation on my head. He also felt like he was just hanging on by a few strands, and I guess he was. The problem is I now have a bunch of roots that will do who knows what... probably the very same thing :S

And finally here's a token sad pineapple shot. I had to up the brightness all the way in PS, but yeah.

I'll take more photos later, when my hair is washed. I tend to wash every weekend, mainly because of itchies. I'm unemployed so I rarely go anywhere except to church and maybe a movie. And that's why God invented bandannas :) Have a great weekend, all :)
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