if_strangers_meet (kate_tiners) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

My hairs are talking to eachother!

One week already, gee whiz! Time's flyin'. I had such a cool experience this morning with my baby hair-mats. Let me explain! You see, one week ago today, I began my dreads by just backcombing somewhat, and having my ex-boyfriend/kind-of-still-my-boyfriend rub all over my head really hard with a flattened palm. I trust him completely with my hair because he had natural dreadlocks form in hair about my length, and they lasted for 8 years and were the most beautiful things i've ever seen.

So anyway, that's how these were started, and then I decided to just not touch them and let them do their thing with a little guidance along the road. I have been sooooooooo ugly this past week! So this morning I woke up and was feeling around on my head, and I realized my hair is starting to form its own sections. It's like I can almost hear them talking amongst themselves saying "You go here, and I'll go here. No! I want to go there! Okay fine, you can have that spot, but then I get this spot! Fiiiiine." It's so exciting- I love this hideous phase of disarray! I know I'm going to miss these days someday, so I'm just soaking it up while it lasts. These are the days of innocence!

This is my second set, and the first I never got to really see mature. I had to destroy them for work after 6 months. I am so excited to see these grow and mature past the 6 month point, and hopefully for years to come! Half of my head is still too short to dread (the lower back area, toward the nape of my neck) and also my short little bangs. I plan on integrating them once they get a bit longer, but I might change my mind on the bangs- you all look stunning with your bangs! It may be nice to keep some femininity throughout this whole process.

And what a process this is going to be. Haha! Cheers to being hideous for a while, and still feeling more empowered and beautiful than I did at my oppressive job! :)

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