inkedmamajama (inkedmamajama) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dissolving Flakes?

I have read all the memories, but have not found anything referencing my specific issue:

I have psoriasis, and deal with flakes and itching-I have found some different things to do in order to help keep the flakes and itching to a minimum, but my problem is that there are flakes embedded in my young dreads-and I have black hair-so they are highly visible. I cannot pick the flakes out with my fingers or my tweezers without pulling out hair from the young dreads. I already have eleventy million loose hairs, so I am trying to figure out if anything will help 'dissolve' the flakes for lack of a better idea. When I had normal loose hair, the flakes were easy to pick out or brush out of my hair, now it is a huge problem.

I had the impression from my research that wearing a scarf nonstop might hinder my dreads being so I am trying to stay away from that as much as possible for now.

Any help?
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