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I would love some advice/feedback re:combining babies

So here I am at about 3 weeks with my new dread babies, and I have a few questions for you all. I have been reading the memories and other forums, etc and I really feel that I need to combine a few dreads. When I started out I had about 49-ish...and the amount of shrinkage they have undergone seems really enormous to me for being as young as they are. Some are now thinner than pencils, and I feel like those for sure need to be combined.

What I wonder about is the amount of kinks in the dreads (which from all the memories I have read seems normal-ish, if not a bit excessive on my own head) and if that will have an impact on combining. I try to palmroll, but the back is where the majority of kinky dreads are, and I have a hard time doing it with any impact. Will the kinkyness cause problems when I am trying to combine? After reading the memories on combining and seeing Katie's tutorial in pictures over at dreadlock truth, I think I have a fair grasp of what I should be doing...making a tunnel/tube out of the 'dread intended for exterior use' and 'sew/funnel' the 'dread intended for interior use' down inside of that tunnel.

What if the dreads that need to be combined are the same thickness? There are two along the hairline at my neck that are very thin and hard...I have tried getting something up inside one of them, to no avail so far.

What if I end up combining the majority of my head, almost reducing the number of dreads in half? What are the negatives about doing that? My goal is to make the majority of the dreads to be about even in thickness, but there are a few that seem to 'want' to be together, and they would end up being bigger than most if I go ahead and combine them.

I thought it would be best to do this now, while they are young and mostly soft and pliable-what are the advantages of waiting, if there are any?

I have been reading memories, other forums, watching videos, looking at blogs, etc...I am somewhat alone in this dread journey as no one in my local circle has dreadlocks, so this community is really the only place I can have a dialog about what I should do with my hair. So...advice? Answers to the questions above? Feedback or interesting stories on when you combined your dreads and the +/- outcomes?

Here is a picture showing you what a typical dread on the top of my head looks like-

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