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what has two thumbs and hasn't updated in over three months?

Technically I had my one-year dreadiversary on August 8th. WOO! However, what with the great dread debacle, about 1/3 of my set had to be restarted entirely by lishd. So it doesn't feel like a real dreadiversary. I probably won't do a full timeline until the end of February, which will be a year after lishd fixed me up.

Anyway... ONWARD!

4/10 months

Loopy squirrelyness.


Texture-town, USA.

5/11 months

Dreads are finally long enough to pull back! Hell to the YES.


I look so much like my mom in this pic, I can't even tell you.

Loooook into my CREEPY EYES.

6/12 months

My family, hubby, and two friends (who are practically family) went camping at Mt. Rainier during the second week of August. SO. PRETTY. Also, further proof that my ridiculous-ness is inherited genetically.

Me and the hubband (who may or may not be judging me in a loving way)

What's with the face, honey? Enjoy the VISTA!

We are such NERDS. :)

Doofus-face in front of incredible backdrop. I loooove Mt. Rainier.

Love it. :)

What a crazy several months. I've been busy like WHOA with freelance work, which is great (although I'm still trying to figure out how to keep on top of it all). I'm loving the progress my dreads are making. The year-old dreads feel great, I'm really, really happy with them. The six-month-old dreads are driving me a bit batty... they keep devouring each other at the root, and I have to separate them right after showering or it murders my scalp. But, I see it as a sign of progress, and the year-olds are helping me be patient while I wait for everyone else to catch up.

Also, seeing all of your respective gorgeous heads really helps me see the bigger picture. Thanks, everyone!
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