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I do believe it's time for an... AMBUSH!

I have been incredibly busy traveling around the New England area performing at various music festivals with my new family the puppet people from One World Puppetry (which you can and should find on facebook because they are freaking awesome) and I finally have a chance to sit down for a moment or twelve and make a ridiculously extensive LJ cut of photo exposivitisness for all of you wonderful dreaded folks out there! Warning: you could be stuck here for a while... =P Also...beware, there's probably going to be an awful lot of nudity involved, I just kind of exist that way more often than not. I feel clothing in the summertime is rather overrated. These photos were taken by my sweet and amazing muse, Che Arrajj over the past couple of months.

This first group is from Gathering of the Vibes in CT which was great fun despite the overly zealous security searching your bags at multiple checkpoints throughout the venue.

This photo is one of my favorites...dancing to Damian Marley and Nas (which was AMAZING but not nearly as amazing as dancing my fother mucking FACE off to Primus the night before! *giant grin*)

More Damian Marley dance!

My friend and fellow puppeteer, Brittan, dancing within the puppet tent of love...she has the most amazingly perfect tiny dreads I have ever seen especially on someone with her type of hair =D

There was no fire spinning allowed at this event so we played with gloweee thingys instead!

I barely stopped dancing at all the entire weekend =D

Before photo of the mask I painted for a couple short live art performances. I had painted it like this the year before as part of my cotton candy costume.


What better place to have a festival than right on the ocean?

I fell in love with this dog of cute cute cute cuteness!

This photo makes me really happy inside. Strangely enough the cops were awesome and actually quite fun probably because the overzealous asshole security left them nothing to do but kick back and have a good time =P

I helped Che sell his artwork on the sidewalk throughout the festival and had a lot of fun sneaking around trying to hide from the security. =P

Live arting!

YES! SO much win!

Amazing puppet family of love!

We stumbled upon a few jellyfish dancing through the nighttime air..

More puppet people!

Practicing poi spinning with my feet, someday I hope to be able to walk on my hands while spinning fire with my feet, it may not be possible, but I am determined to try =D

Performing as a faerie sprite with Woody =D

Puppets with dreads in porta potties!

Puppets pulling over police cars!

Puppets on firetrucks!

Puppets galore!

Wishing eggs!

Another faerie sprite! <3 this beautiful lady!

<3 this pretty faerie lady too!

I like this robot a lot.

Finished mask action yeeeah

I'll try to make the rest of this festival recap much more brief...These are from Be Here Now in Starks, Maine which was an absolute blast!

I made a cute friend =D

Live arting with Che!

This is one amazing lady <3

Dreaded pirates with trashbag skirts, yes.

I absolutely adore this sweetheart of a puppeteer!

I got to hand out free samples of super tasty homemade wine all weekend long =D

Che and me! <3!

Me, performing fire dancing in a trance for the most amazing band of the summer, Hot Damn Scandal, which was an experience completely beyond words.

Yay for toppless fire eaters!

My first time EVER spinning fire naked! =DDD

This last group is from the most recent festival, Bellaterra in New York which was a beautiful art and music festival with and incredible amount of amazing art and awesome bands!

Who got da funk? Puppets got da funk!

My spirit guide painting, not quite, but almost finished..

I did a bunch of body and face painting throughout the weekend and this was my favorite of all of them because it was such a challenge for me. I had never drawn a dragon before and that's what she wanted. She loved how it turned out and so do I! =D

Later, she asked me to touch it up because it had gotten messed up earlier in the day so I gave it a more nighttime feel.

I like this one a lot too =D

We surrounded our live art area with little tea light candles...

Che wearing this incredible coat he drew on with Sharpie <3!

This couple was adorable and I LOVE his dreads!

River Yoga Love in the Heat

It was way hot so we wandered into the woods a bit and found this gorgeous stream to wash up and cool off in =D


A completely and ridiculously awesome series of festivals and I have been trying to recover for a week! =P I hope you are all well!
Peace and Love,
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