sexpot_kills (sexpot_kills) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

New pictures

Hello GUDU

Just being active, and I recently took the plunge to cut my orange bangs. I was getting tired of it and needed a change as the weather is changing too. 

   I actually cut my bangs asymmetrical because of my roots that werent long enough on one side. I still have few orange tips to cut left but I'd wait to grow my bangs out more evenly. It was fun cutting it!  In mean time, I will bleach it and who knows what color I might do next? 
    first time in years, having my natural color  and it feels pretty healthy. This cut reminds me of Angelina Jolie when she had her awesome pixie haircut in the movie Hackers. 
Oh my dreads.  
they're getting huge and going to eat my face one day!        
 Its getting harder to find big beads to fit them because they keep growing! argh lol
Hope you have a good week, loving the fall weather now!              
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