Jessica (amethystrse) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

2 months 3 weeks

Hey everyone! I used to be rawhippie but I'm not using that journal anymore.

My dreaddies are almost 3 months old. Personally I think they're coming along great for being so young. They're kind of a mess but that's the way I like it. lol

Last time I posted on here everyone suggested not doing anything with them for a while (ie. crocheting and whatnot). So I haven't. I'm letting them do their own thing (just separating as needed). Sometimes I palmroll when stuck at a red light or watching TV. But for the most part they're growing their own way. :)

Here are some pics I just took. The back looks more messy in the pic than it usually does but you get the idea. There are A LOT of loops in them but one or two are practically perfect. Plus I dyed a few about 2 weeks ago. They were purple but look pink now. I need to dye them again. lol

2 month 3 week front 2 month 3 week back
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