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it's been a million years since i've posted.

this summer has been superb! i went to many a festival and had a blast! unfortunately, i suck and forgot my camera EVERY TIME. i brought a disposable with me, but i haven't developed it yet. i know there's some good ones on there. so i'll post those when the time comes.

in the mean time. here's a couple :]

since my last post, i dreaded my bangs. they were driving me insane!

i got four good ones in there. unfortunately, the one at my crown has since fallen out. i'm lazy and i'm gonna leave it.

this is from about a month ago. i'm not that tan anymore haha

my boy blows glass, and he made me this sick bead

lately, i've been rocking the quick bun

note how the hair in front is no longer a dread

and zee back
they're getting so long!! yayyyy!

and a full shot of my Ugly Dress that i got at the Free Store! (about 15 minutes before my transmission shit the bed)

and one picture from Gathering of the Vibes. i didn't bring my own camera, so this was shwanked from someone else.

my boy, me, and Tina!
you can't really tell in this picture, but he's had his dreads for almost 9 years. one of these days, i will get a good picture of them.

it is time for feeding the bellymonster.
that is all for now.
Have a lovely, knotty day! :]
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