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Just an update

It's test time again at the university so once again I find myself procrastinating with the help of GuDu :)
This is what the end of my summer looked like!

Since this picture I've had my "bangs" (fringe.  w/e!) trimmed and just Sunday I re-did my roots but none of my pictures are that recent!

(I've posted this one here before, but I'm including it again because I think it's my new favorite picture of my dreads!)

Last weekend (Saturday), I celebrated my 20th birthday!  Annnnd, the weekend before that my brother visited and let me drive his flashy, over-the-top, eccentric car!  (did I mention it was manual?  that part was actually pretty bad)

it's really like a little toy, comes up to about my waist when I stand and really looked like you could put it in your pocket when it was sitting in our driveway.  Basically, it's impossible not to look fat when sitting in it.

Also, I saw a girl on my campus today with lovely full head of dreads, made me miss mine before I combed out some fringe!
miss these days sometimes:

I'll end with a quick story.  I mentioned that I had my fringe trimmed, well that was quite an experience.  I went to the woman that cuts my mothers hair.  I liked how she cut my hair but I was so frustrated with her by the time she was done.  It was clear she did not like my dreads.  My mom mentioned while she was cutting it, "I don't think -whatever-her-name-was- likes your dreads very much!" and I mentioned that plenty of people don't like dreads and it doesn't bother me.  Well she felt the need to clarify that she DOES like dreads, just not when they're a "matted mess".  Then she picked up one of my dreads and frowned and said, "ooh yeah, they're all matted...." First of all, what are dreads if not matted?  I define dreadlocks as being a matted mess.  Maybe the mess part isn't always present but my dreads are not that messy.  If she thinks they're messy after two years I would hate to hear what she thought of them at 2-6 months!  During the course of the haircut she made several other comments, asking about what product I put in them, telling me I wouldn't be able to comb them out (and telling me the story of when they had to practically shave a girls head when she had 2 day old dreads (YEAH, RIGHT) even though I told her I'd already combed out several of my own when they were a year old.  Then at the end of the whole thing she had the nerve to tell me they were falling out, and I would need to get them "redone" soon (because I have a few ends that never rounded  and stayed wispy, which I actually happen to love).  ARRRGGG, my mom then agreed with her and I may have said less than politely that after two years of not brushing and knot forming my ROCK HARD dreads are not falling out.  And doesn't that TOTALLY contradict her idea that I will have to cut all my dreads off and have short hair?

i was so frustrated! 
Anyways, thanks for looking!
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