nicole ismyname (dino_secks) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
nicole ismyname

9 months of chaos.

9 months has sure flown by.
I just added a new addition to my hair ornaments. And I have exciting life news.
But you'll have to go under the cut for all the juicy news...

My best friend Stephanie's new boo put this in my hair last night. He named him Pet Rock. He's my good luck charm for the time being.

This was my 8 month adventure to Mesa Verde!
It was so beautiful. Because I'm from Florida the elevations were a lot to take in. I want to go back one day.

I am moving to New Orleans soon. I have an internship at the Audubon Zoo working with primates. I am so so so so excited!! This will get me closer to being a primate keeper. I need to find a house and get the show on the road. I'm really nervous. My boyfriend is being super supportive, which is wonderful. So if you live in New Orleans, let me know. I need help/support/advice. And I just want to make some new friends.

My boss' 27th year anniversary of being clean was yesterday. I'm so proud of her. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I went to the beach yesterday and my best fran Stephanie forced me to take pictures. I always get so shy and nervous to take pictures around people, but I did it. Anyone else here into photography? Here's my DA. Please add me.

Don't forget to soar as high as you want to.
Much love & kindest wishes to you all.
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