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Complete Randomosity!

I'm having a lazy day of relaxing and with this free time, I've decided to show you MAH MOMMMA! She's one of the greatest people ever in existence...if not the greatest. =D And I love her absolutely to death! Also, I thought you all might like to see some old photos of what my hair looked like in different stages before dreads and some of my art. There are so many new photos I want to share with you all but they are in the from camera to computer transition phase right now and since it's not my camera I have no control over how long that phase takes. =P Hopefully, soon. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Meet my amazing MOMMA!!!

Old Hairs!

My little brother and me at my favorite outdoor place in the world, my river spot <3

I LOVE this haircut! Did it myself =D

My hair in its natural state! Although I was wearing it up before this so normally it is a lot straighter and smoother. BORING!

My first festival!

MSI has been one of my favorite bands for almost a decade and this was after my first show. THE LEAD GUITARIST THREW HIS GUITAR AT ME AND I CAUGHT IT AND GOT TO KEEEEP IT!!! =D This is my "holy fucking FUCK, I am way to shitfaced to deal with the amazing awesomeness of this moment" face.

My friend Claudia and I like to make NOISE.

Me at 14 hahaha

Blowing smoke bubbles when my dreads were just wee little babies.

My friend Chelsea and me on my 21st birthday...if you can't tell, I'm COMPLETELY wasted. =P

Eh HEM...=P

MY FAMILY!! <3! We are possums.

Girl Pile!

This is my I LOVE PAUL SIMON face.

My littlest brother and me!

My gorgeous friend Jane and me out at the bars..

This particular bar has giant jenga AND giant connect four! Bad ass!

I forgot about this set! Just stumbled upon it...such a fun shoot! =D


Dandelions are my favorite flower because they will grow ANYWHERE including out of rocks...talk about resilient!

Bleeding Skies


Existential Dance

From middle school - Dreams of City

Unity Mobile

My wall of nekked ladies =D

Sunbow Wonderland

Get Bent

Runaway Trees

Amewsmo at the Ocean

Bruised Doubletake

Donatrollo Tames Dinner

The Key

Meet Vernon! I LOVE carving watermelons in the summertime! I even got to eat his brains!

Now that I have posted WAAAAAAAAAY too many photos. I'll leave you to your various realities.
Peace and LOVE!!!
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