Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber (strange_spider) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Tango Tinamarie the Spider Webber

Italian Feastival!!!

So I recently wrote in my journal about this ridiculously amazing Italian Feast I went to in Lawrence a short while back and finally got the photos up and ready to post. =D I'll put some of what I wrote in my journal up so you can understand the immensity of the awesomeness therein. =P

I went to this incredible Italian festival tonight with a group of new friends and had such an amazing time hanging out with everyone and eating the most ridiculous and unhealthy amounts of fried foods. I had a ricotta stuffed fried dough ball and three more - one stuffed with anchovy (which was AMAZING), one stuffed with an oreo, and one stuffed with a MILKY WAY BAR! How freaking over the top is THAT? Then we went to this Italian bakery where I got a cannoli, a cute little biscotti, and a cookie for TWO DOLLARS! Everything was insanely cheap and that got me into trouble... I also had a rice ball with a meatball on the inside with peas and mozzarella cheese mixed into the meatball meat. The whole rice ball with the meat inside was then deep fried and smothered in awesome Italian tomato sauce, parm cheese, and crushed red pepper! MMMMMMMM... FOODGASMS GALORE!!! All the food was freaking fantasmagorical on so many splendiferous levels I can't even being to explain! OH YEAH, I also started the night out with a calamari salad that was divine AND someone gave me more than half of their eggplant parm sandwich...TOO MUCH FOOD. Mmmmmmmm

All Photos Taken By The Amazing Che Arrajj! =D

Fun with friends - <3! I adore every single one of these amazing people!
<3Red Katie<3


I really can't remember what we were looking at - but I wish I could because it looks really exciting...whatever it is.. =P

Che's girlfriend, Gina, is not only one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen....

She's also freaking hilarious with sharp and clever wit! =D <3

I love this photo <3<3<3

Jimmy, Che, and Sean making their best Italian expressions... =P

The float for the Three Saints-

I enjoy this photo...but not as much as I enjoyed his sausage... =P

Fried Dough Encrusted Milky Way Bar. How About Yes.

Commence eating!

Awesomeness at Tripoli's!


Eating my mini cannoli...YUM

What's a feast without CONFETTTTI!?! This made my night...SO MANY COLORS!!

Melissa joined in the confetti fun! We did this for SO long! =D

YAY! You're all awesome! Peace and LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
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