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Three months (and 2 days) since I started my dreadie journey.

This week has been an interesting one. My husband (because he loves me so) bought tickets for and attended with me a Hanson concert on Tuesday. I've loved them my whole life, and they've always been anti-popular with the "cool" music fans, so finally getting to see them live after 13 years of fandom was fantastic. The show was excellent.

Thursday I was called in to a temp job (called at about 11:45, and had to be there in an hour, lol) which will last until at least Monday but probably Tuesday. It's a very simplistic job of assembling and collating newsletters (which we had to unfold before we did so) and it's very monotonous but I'm getting paid. However, the repetitive motion of reaching and flipping created extreme pain in my shoulders, because I'm so out of shape I'm liquid.

I'm still looking into various job opportunities, but the market bites like murder here (and I guess everywhere; I've seen other dreadies post about job disappointment) so we'll see how that goes.

I don't have good pics of them, but I'm developing some fatties on the back of my head. I don't necessarily want them to be that fat, but apparently I'm not doing anything about it, either (shrug). Que sera, sera.

Interview attire -- can't see dreads/tentacles in this pic, which was the point. Taken on my phone in my car because that's the best lighting. I think I've said that before, but it's true.

One of my scarves (I call it 'ethnic' because the color scheme reminds me of wraps I've seen African women wearing. I can see my aunt wearing it, or my grandma on my dad's side) -- both Andrew and I love this scarf, but I haven't figured out what clothing I can wear with it (except an orange spaghetti strap, which I will not be wearing without a jacket in public). It has pink in it too, and I've got a pink sweater... I just don't think the styles exactly match. TL;DR -- it's fun.

Post concert; front. Of course I wore my favorite scarf, and it stayed really well. I'm learning how to wrap and tuck them better so they'll stay (unlike that one time at church...) This was also a wash day, so the curls are a bit more tame.

Post concert; back. More of the same. Ignore the mess; we live in a barn-turned-one room, and stuff things where they'll fit.

Some day I'll get a better pic of the fatties. I keep saying I'm gonna comb them out but I never do and probably never will because that's how I roll (Nowhere, because I has th' lazy).

And because I have to:

My token bad-camera-phone-shot of the concert. This one is only semi-intriguing because I took it right when a light flashed over the stage.

Stay well and have a wonderful weekend, all.
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