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Dread update

Whats been happening in the world of dreads since I blew up my computer?! Well this:

1. I Rounded my tips.

Ive been wispy tail ends for 2 years and got bored at work and started rounding them with a crochet hook. I did the whole 42 dreads over a weekend in August and they look great. No more "I love your round tips" because I HAVE MY OWN! Mind you rounding on dreads ths age, and dreads like mine that go running and swimming means 10-15 have become tails again. Ill re tip when I can be bothered. I lost about 1" lenght. Its a nice change, and they stay in buns better.

Rounded ends

In my garden

2. Bleach Round 1

30vol bleach mixed 50/50 with non silicone based shampoo left on lower third of 6 dreads for 15 mins and vigorously washed off. Lifted about 3 shades to a nice yellow blonde.



3. Bleach Round 3

30vol bleach, undiluted, left on for 45 min on 6 dreads tips and 2/3rds on one skinny dread (I wasn't bothered if this one got damaged - it's a anomoly among my dreads) Lightened to platinum. Pleased. Rinsed for 20+ mins and the washed entire head of dreads.

Bleach session 2

Bleach session 2

I like my dreads lots more now. The bleaching and tipping had really defined their ends and they just look better tied back in a normal loose pony at work. I may dye some of my bleached ones with SFX or directions. Candidate colours are Turquoise, Nuclear red or Napalm Orange. Opinions?

Bonus photo - Me singing Wuthering Heights on Karaoke.

Me being Kate Bush. Badly.


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