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The more I look at pictures of dreadlocks and see that the owner has cut them off or combed them out, the more I realize that this is a permanent decision for me. I see these gorgeous locks and see the 'after' pictures and every time there's a tug in my heart and I think 'how could you get rid of something so beautiful and integral to *you*?'

Obviously cutting or combing is the right decision for some people, and obviously I have no way of knowing how I'll feel tomorrow, much less in two, five, even ten years.

However, the way I feel right now about my dreads is unconditional love and anticipation to see what they look like when they're gloriously long and I can swing them around and have that weight of a ponytail on the back of my head.

I am so glad I decided to do this, and I am so glad I found GUDU as I was researching. By my own blood sweat and tears (and flea comb and crochet hook) were these locks formed, and after three months I'm even more attached to them than I was after I finished creating them (if that's even possible). I feel like a part of me has been allowed to bloom that I've been keeping out of the sun for so long.

And now I'm getting all misty and dramatic.


Length. They're about three and a half months old now.



(Also featured in these pictures: my brand new lip ring! I've wanted one for about, oh, six or eight months. Finally went ahead and got it. My surface piercing by my eye isn't faring so well though...I asked the piercer who did it (and my lip, and my conch) what I should do and he said I should take it out, let it close, and get a microdermal instead. I'm so sad, even though when I got it done two and a half years ago I was told it would likely grow out in a year. I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet. Oh, and I've been thinking about gauging my second holes in my earlobes. I want to keep my first holes as they are, but my second holes aren't really giving me that amazing 'I want to keep you forever just how you are' feeling like my other piercings. I don't know if I should do it though, because my left second hole was pierced too low by the lady in the shop with the piercing gun who did them when I was like, sixteen, so I had to let that one close up and get it repierced. Thus, I'm worried about the scar tissue there and how that would affect gauging that hole. Anyway, this has become the longest parenthetical ever, so I'll shut up now. Stay glorious :D )
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