esh k. laird (eshlaird) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
esh k. laird

hey gudu,
quick update to say i'm still alive, if ya even remember me! ha! most of my dreads are approachin a year old- my wee naturally formed babies have gone and grown up! i have three 3yr old dreads left now that i've cut out a few of the longer ones, which seemed the way to go after making some huge life changin choices and shifting my life 1000kms to a new state. things are rockin along and life is amazing and the weather's getting warmer. i'm workin alot and that's interesting after not really ever doing that. my computer is dead because i chuck tantrums sometimes, otherwise i'd bombard you with photos of my guess it's kind of a win situation for you guys! :P

sorry about terrible quality photobooth pics-

they're sitting alot shorter now at the front! the long ones i cut out were sort of sternum-end length:

i have hella wispy loose curly ends on all of them and i think most of my dreads are either forked at the end of bulky trident ended suckas.

that's about it, hope all y'all are fairing well and taking care and living the good life.
esh x.

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