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Long overdue, part duex

So, as promised, here's the photo heavy follow up to yesterday's post. This has photos from a road trip I took cross country in May, a party in June, and some other stuff...

First, some still shots from the show. On the ones you can't really see my hair on, our lead singer's doing cool stuff with his, and if you scroll through fast enough it should be almost like a flipbook:

Note the difference in shirt color from before our set:

And after:

The fan that was set up on stage failed to actually spin its blades, resulting in a noted lack of air movement.

I helped my sister move her and her husband's stuff cross country last May. We saw some stuff on the drive.

From the St. Louis Arch:

Me, looking out the portal to god knows how far down. Amazing view. I hate heights, but love views... I've learned to deal:

The little thing behind me is the door to the lift that brings you from ground level to god knows how high up. It is significantly smaller than me in both width and height:

And the inside of the car itself. They fit up to 6 people in here at a time, if I recall correctly. This is with just me and my sister, who dislikes enclosed spaces:

Over all, it was an interesting fear journey for both of us. Heh.

From Canyon de Chelly, AZ:

This observation point is about .5 to .75 of a mile above the canyon floor, I believe, and it was windy as hell. Amazing view, though.


At Arches, UT:

Chillin' with some ravens outside the visitor center:

From the Woodford Reserve distillery, KY:

Mash vat:

And I imagine that if there is a heaven, it will smell like this building did. So many aging oak bourbon barrels...

Some pictures from a Solstice Party in Portland, OR:

I discover that I can finally tie my hair back... with my hair:

Caught Napping:

Some artsy b/w photos from our practice space:

Finally, a decent flippy shot!

A nerd, eating Nerds using his character sheet as a funnel:

And finally, some shots from my lead guitarist's wife's birthday at the local Spoooooooooooooooooky Clube:

Me, with my singer on the left, and lead guitarist on the right:

Which brings up two things I've learned in life.

Number one, never trust a smiling Viking and definitely don't trust a pair of us:
(yes, that is gorthok)

And number two (this one's important, kids, pay close attention):

I don't care how ridiculously hot you and your wife are. I don't care if it's her birthday.
Try to take a sexy photo with me around if I've been drinking.

As always, click to make bigger, and enjoy the show!
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