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mayhem & foolishness

justinpants /his roommates threw a halloween party on mischief night. we actually didn't know 90% of the people who showed up, but it had a big turn-out & was quite fun nonetheless.

justin is only into costumes that require little-to-no effort on his part, & is partial to masks. he's the skeleton.
i'm into making costumes from whatever is already in my closet, with the occasional addition of thrift shop finds.
i was the queen of hearts at the tea party. or i was valentine's day. either works.

there's an absurd number of pictures, so i'm only going to post the most dread-relevant or otherwise noteworthy ones (which is still a ridiculous amount). this is not a dial-up friendly post. prepare for a totally gratuitous photo dump!

i tied my hair up in knots & then shoved floral picks through it, & safety-pinned a mini felt hat i had kicking around
from a lolita costume from several years ago. maybe i'll post a how-to of sorts for this up-do (minus accessories).

down the rabbit hole...

...where dancing happens!

if you give your boyfriend a camera, you're lucky if there's only one shot of your knickers.

my costume slowly deteriorated piece-by-piece throughout the night, starting with an exchange of heels for docs.

really, i'm not miserable here, just FREEZING.

further deteriotion includes swapping a slip/one petticoat for a regular skirt, & a peasant top/accessories for a tee.

meet justin & earl's tiki man, which is something like 8' tall & was originally left in their old dorm by a previous occupant,
who they believe made it (they are students at AI, though no longer dorm-residents).

after the party was over, swapping completely to normal, comfortable-at-three-am threads.

this is how i was woken up the next morning. best alarm clock ever.

in other news, i've washed my dreads twice, & my bangs mayhaps six times. my hair is becoming orange quickly, but i love it.

missed my train home, so justin & i killed time at 30th st for a while.

we people watch a lot. this dude was picking his nose on and off for roughly an hour, not even trying to be stealthy.

mmmm hot chocolate.

you guys are probably so sick of my face by now, haha!
goodnight & so long for now, cats & kittens :D

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