uleavemebleedin (uleavemebleedin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

how skinny is too skinny

Don't know if you guys remember me, but i got rid of my dreads last feb due to mould/bad smells/bad sectioning and over all feeling quite lack lustre about them in general.
well it's been 9 mths and i feel ready for a new set, i've gone through a lot in the last year, new job, tumor removed, sinus surgery and last but least tonsils out. I've spent a lot of time thinking how much i actually enjoyed having dreads so feel i am ready for my second set.
Question is i want my dreads to be a hell of a lot skinnier than my last set, but i'm worried about maintenance and breakage, so how thin/skinny is too skinny??

and on to the good news... i start dreading hubbys hair tomorrow so we can both go on our journey together :)

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