buggin' (awk_ward) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

20 months

Someone (ie. me!) went thrifting yesterday and found the most amazing pair of glasses ever.

These spectacular specs were 2zl, or about 70 cents. Bargain. I'm hoping that when I get back to Australia it will be possible to put my prescription in them. Also, good shot of my dreads, which are now almost 20 months old. They've gotten so long!

For comparison purposes, this is how long they were at 3 months:

And while I have you trapped here under this cut, check out the hat I knitted:

I can fit all my dreads in it! (Only just though, one more growth spurt and I'll need a new hat)

I started this stupid thing in like July, promptly forgot about it and then picked it up again last month. I'm so happy with the results I'm already knitting another one - will have to make it bigger than this one so that I can use it for more than one winter.

Hope all you lovely dreadheads are doing well. Stay gorgeous!
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